WarHammer T3 Scenarios

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Finally reached level 22 and moved up to the new T3 Scenarios. Wow.. Loads of scenarios to do. It’s weird being the newb again!

Is it just me or does Order just always have a hard time taking Destro? Seems like we just can’t get our act together. It’s not even 50/50. It’s more like 80/20.

I’m still having fun. It’s a blast. I think I’ve only done about 3 different Scenarios so far, but each are a blast to go through.

I’m still learning that the healers are the first to die. Being a Rune Priest is fun, but I do get tired of running back from the spawn point.

If anyone has some good tactics for playing a Rune Priest in T3 Scenarios, please comment!

Will post some cool screenshots in the next couple of days where we’ve gone back to T2 to take over some towers and get some renown gear :)

More WarHammer Experiences

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First, I need to apologize for not posting in a while. It’s been busy around here. So, let’s get started with some extremely valuable information.

The first thing that we like to do is study before we really get into the battles. This is why:

  • Need to know the best tactics
  • Need to have a solid plan
  • Need to know destructions tactics
  • Need to to fully understand your spells and their best uses.

So, we send a lot of time studying!

It’s very important to smoke a pipe filled with tobacco and destro bone dust before a battle as well. Your spells cast faster, your feet run smoother, and your vision will never be clearer. No matter which video card you have!

If you spend enough time in the books, you can really get a good ways in the Scenarios. You can completely dominate desctruction in them swiftly without fail!

Or.. spend alot of time running from them!

Another important thing, and I’m sure you’ll all agree is that you have to take the time to celebrate after battles. Let Order know that you’ve won one for the team!

After a good battle and some celebration, go out and burn down a Destro tree. Show them your power! They shake in fear when you actually show them who runs the zones! It also provides them light for an entire night while they ponder their ways!

In next post, I will tell the tale of Scregrath. He was our final battle in a Public Quest and he fell hard. So hard that many of the destro took shelter as the ground shook and were afraid to enter into our territory for days!

Happy New Year!!

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I just wanted to wish anyone and everyone a Happy New Year!!

I had fun playing some WarHammer tonight. Will post about it tomorrow.

Wishing Each of you a happy, prosperous New Year!!

WarHammer Rune Priest

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Ok.. Been a few days.. Holidays yada yada…

I did get in some play time, but unfortunately, I continue to capture the splendid screenshots that I try to get.

I wanted to talk about playing a Rune Priest. Back in EQ days, I played  cleric and I enjoyed healing folks, but it was a different game altogether I’m learning. It was PvE. The MoBs were exactly as smart as people. I had to be careful how I healed to keep aggro off of me.

So in WarHammer, in Scenarios, and any type of RvR activities, I’m like a pile of sugar and the “Reds” or “Destro” are a bunch of ants. They see me, and it’s kill time! I spend a lot of time just simply running away or running in circles healing myself trying to stay alive to keep everyone else alive!

It’s still a blast and leveling is crazy when you’re doing these Scenarios. It’s my goal each time to be the top healer, but I usually come out being 3rd, 4th or 5th because I consistently die 5-6 and up to 10 times during a scenario. Maybe it’s bad play style, but I blame the class! I think it will get better as I rank up.

Since I’m in a new Tier, there is much to explore on the new maps. I also get to do new quests. We took on a public quest just to see how we’d come out. We went around killing orcs for 30 minutes or so until they were all dead. We also had to smack down a bunch of catapults or something. No problem. Once we’re all done, the big man spawns.

Our new found engineer friend “Dethpenalty” helped us in our quest to take down the boss. We were doing pretty good until a group of reds came in to “help” the champion out and we got our asses handed to us swiftly. No problem. We run right back and and take it on again. Just as we get him to almost dead, here come destro again to lay into us. You’d have thought they were chicken shit attacking us while we were down, but turns out, when the timer ran out and all we had left to do was find their asses and give them swift deaths, they smoked us again!

The said part is, I couldn’t just “log in my main” and come tear them a new one! Some day.

Tonight during the WarHammer “play time”, we decided to take on another baddy named “Gorglur Stuntysplitter“. He was mean. The first time, I was laid to waste quickly. (He didn’t like me healing). However, we refused to give up and let him win! After all, he’s just an NPC!

On the second time, he fell! We smoked him, drug his corpse around through his camp daring any others to attempt attacking us to suffer the same wrath he did. No takers!

Exited the game at 75% into Rank 16. Hoping for 17 next go round!

It’s past 2:30am. Good night!

Merry Christmas!!

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This is just a quick not to tell anyone reading — “Merry Christmas!!”

I hope you’re having a happy holiday today and enjoying your families!

WarHammer RvR and Tony Robbins

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We had more RvR fun a couple nights ago and I’m just now posting about it. Shame on me. It went down kinda fun and left off where I was before. We jumped in on some action as soon as I logged in the game. We were slaughtered a number of times before we decided to change the direction territory ownership.

We took one flag, and while waiting on the timer, I joked and said “Think we can make it until Nardspuppy and crew head over to stop us?” - we made it JUST till the timer and here they came.

After our slaughter by about 15 of them, we made our way to the next flag. This one we took and quickly moved onto the next area.

We took over the next flags and had them all under Order control, but Nardspuppy and friends were certainly not going to have that. We battled for a while between the flags and a few joined us in our battles against the foes of the Order.

In our celebration of victory in gaining all the flags and changing territory control, we did shoot off some fireworks. This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in game yet!

Since we didn’t have the people to maintain control of the Territory and kept getting smoked by about 20 to 5, I was feeling a little depressed and I hid behind an old oak tree. A tall human found me back there sobbing in my sorrows. His name was Sir Tony Robbins. He spoke to me for several minutes and helped me to realize that even though I was a small Dwarf, I’d overcome many obstacles to gain Rank 13. He reminded me of all my battles, all the deaths I’d overcome. When I was ready, I lead the firewalk ceremony. I wanted to share that here so that you can see that when you believe in yourself, anything is possible!

The night was fun. I enjoyed playing. Coming up Soon -  WarHammer Expert Leveling Guide Review.

WarHammer Online Chaos

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In case you’re wondering why I don’t post right after playing, it’s because the only time I have time to play is late at night. When I log off, I’m ready to crash!

Last night the chaos was a blast. First, we did a public quest with just 3 of us in a party and we were unsure we could do the battle with just the three of us and prevail. Turns out I was wrong. We held our own and won the public quest easily.

After that, one of the allies had to log off, for what we thought was going to be a short time. He never returned. After completing the quest a couple more times, we were bored and decided to go wrap up some other quests before moving on to a higher zone. I’d gotten rank 12 and I guess it was time to move on.

We did some other quest that was enjoyable as we were able to light the homes of the destro on fire and watch it burn and smolder. And steal their beer while we were at it!

We wrapped up the quests fairly quickly and then moved on to other things. One of which was going into Destruction territory in a newbie area. We then were trying to find a way out and passing by level 55 champions was a breeze which we did not expect. The chaos we caused begins next…

We were running along side the mountains trying to find a way out, when we crossed paths with a level 5. Immediately, I attacked him and brought him a swift, honorless death. When he returned, he returned with friends. After releasing their souls, we moved onward directly into the heart of this zone figuring if we died, we would go back to our spawn point, which is where we wanted to get to anyway.

We killed a few newbies along the way which was fun and finally found some of our own rank. As they tried to run, my comrade snared them and we made them pay for the evil of their people and then we cut their heads off and tossed them over the mountain sides. As we made our way down our path of clearning WarHammer of evil, we slayed many destructive people. Finally, we found ourselves in territory that we recognized.

We were at the point where I first discovered the RvR portion of this game and PvP action. There was a heavy battle happening and we knew our bretheren needed our help. We joined the battle and were both quickly made into roadside blood pools. We would respawn and go directly down to join again and a much higher ranking person would quickly destroy us if we attacked any of his comrades. Finally, we had one of our own comrades join our team to destroy them.

He was rank 21 and they had 1 or 2 ranked as high. I did my very best to keep him healed as he slayed any in his path, but as always, the smarter ones would relieve me of life so that he had no healer and he could be destroyed.

It was a blast. All in all, I think I spent 100 silver at the healer. I, unfortunately did not get worthy screenshots of the battles, but I will tonight should I play. Do they make a automatic screenshot utility for warhammer?

Stomping The Destro

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We had fun again last night running around doing a few remaining quests in the area. We went out and gave Gron Stoneson a visit. He gave us a couple of quests to complete which were rather fun in between Scenarios.

One of the few quests we obtained led us to overtake a tower which of course, we were glad to oblige. I could sense the fear in the bones of our opponents. They stationed themselves ready to die. It was admirable that they were willing to die for their cause.

Once we’d made waste of all of the minions below, we cut off their scalps and put them on our belts to send more fear into the hearts of the Destros when they see us. We made our way to the top of the tower and there waiting on us was a ballsy dude named Tufftoof. His scalp is on the belt of my comrade right now.

During one of the scenarios, we had a weird experience. We immediately ran to the first flag and took it over. Upon arriving at the next, there were a couple of Destro there (which was weird. normally, there are a ton). Then, we all moved toward the last point which we took over. It was like we had no opposition. Then, all at once, a whole lot of them popped in and began to fight. We owned them. We won the scenario too :)

There’s something disturbing that I’m not sure others are aware in this game. Some of our brethren are being held captive under the worst conditions. Seriously. We found them tied to trees by ropes with some dog runners holding them captive there. We considered reporting them for the inhuman conditions that they are holding prisoners captive… but we decided it would be worse on them if we slaughtered them all and released our new friends.

Once freed, we made our way back to camp for the night with that warm and fuzzy feeling after a night of blood, death, and joy over our triumphs this evening!

Until Next time!

WarHammer RvR Scenario and Other Fun

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Last night was our first night to not have much time. We decided that while we ran to the next area, we would join Scenarios. Our first was very exciting. I’m beginning to learn that the players come after healers as quickly as they can find them. We won the first scenario against Destruction and we smoked them bad. They were under 100.

When we left the scenario all excited over winning, we soon found ourselves disappointed because we were back at the camp instead of about 1/2 way along the run. Didn’t make that mistake again. The next time, we ran almost completely past the flags of the next area before joining a scenario.

At one point, we went into another Contested area. We went to a flag that had no one near it. Soon, as if he were Achilles himself, some guy jumped out of some bushes and started attacking the 2 of us.

I think he was around Rank 11. He wasn’t very difficult to obliterate. Soon, a couple of others joined us at the flag and we saw no more RvR action there. It was time to join another Scenario!

We joined about 5 and I had a blast. I’m learning to stand back and heal, heal, heal. I’m also learning that Destruction seem to be more coordinated than Order when it comes to RvR skillsets. I think all the PvP players from other games come over and join Destruction.

While Order appears more like the Leeroy Jenkins style, Destruction clearly move in sync most of the time. They run together, take out the Order people quickly because they are all over the place. There will be 4 people in one spot fighting about 10 Destruction leaving you wondering where the &#@$ everyone is.

There are times when Destruction do not appear organized, but it’s less often than they do.

WarHammer Battle

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Sorry I haven’t posted about my warhammer battle in a few days. I’ve been extremely busy, and even too busy to play for a couple of nights. The last I played, I finally reached Rank 8.

We ran around several places and killed several things. I got more exposure to RvR in one of the places that we were. I’m still gathering intelligence in this game as I’ve never played a Realm vs. Realm game before. But, I was told we were in a zone with quests for both sides.

We were helping do one of the public quests and one of my friends said “There’s a player.. Watch out”.. Well, being as I’ve never played before, I just started nailing his ass with my nukes. My friends went after him as well and we took him out.  Evidently, this pissed off our evil friend because he came back about 3 minutes later seeking avengence.

Ass Whippin!

He immediately came at my throat. I conked him on the head a few times with my new beating object and kept myself healed while my buds commenced beating the hell out of his online character and making him feel inadequate and incapable at dealing with real life. When we were done, we drug his dead corpse around through the dirt and through his evil area for a while mocking the others there daring them to attack us again. He was the example of our power.

Later, his father came to our camp and asked for his body so that he might have a proper burial. Wait.. I’m crossing our adventures with the movie Troy.

Anyway, he soon was bringing friends and got the adrenaline pumping. It was fun as hell to whip some ass in the game and not just NPC’s. I’ve never done PvP stuff. What a rush! About 5 or 6 of level < 10 smoked a level 21 character. He was such a baby he came back and slaughtered us all.

I know.. I know.. You’re wondering how there could be more fun for an evening of gaming. Well, I’m gonna tell you. We still weren’t done whipping some evil ass. We did another RvR scenario too. That was a blast. I’m still getting used to this again. I went in this time and stood there until everyone jumped down and I followed. We stood by the flag until it dinged or whatever the hell it does. Then, we went out and started beating down some bad guys. We ripped off heads, we spit on corpses and left them to rot. We pulled off arms and legs and flung them off the buildings.

Actually, we did all we good and the good side won. It was a blast. We did 2 more that didn’t fair so well. It was still a blast. I can’t believe I never played PvP shit on other games. I’m addicted to it now!

Until next time

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